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Welcome to The Ultimate Fieldsports Giveaway - it's not often you get the opportunity to win a prize of this magnitude!

As part of our commitment to serving the dedicated community of outdoor enthusiasts, we're incredibly excited to launch our biggest ever giveaway.

We're offering one lucky winner over £7,000 worth of the best Fieldsports merchandise, absolutely free!

So what can you win?

High-Value Reward: With over £7,000 worth of merchandise, including a full set of tweeds, a Perdix over & under shotgun and a peg on a day’s driven shooting - this is a giveaway you really can't afford to miss.

It's Free: It's completely free to participate. There's no hidden cost, it's our way of saying thank you for your support.

The Prize

Over £2,000 worth of Clothing and Accessories from William Powell

William Powell Perdix Over & Under Shotgun - Worth £4,500

A Peg on a Driven Shoot Day with William Powell Sporting - Worth £700

How to Enter?

All entries must be completed via the form below otherwise your entry will not be counted.

Taking part is as easy as entering your full name, email address and completing any of the actions in the form below, remember the more you participate the higher your odds at winning are.

e.g. Downloading the WP app by clicking on the link in the form below gains you 1 entry. Clicking "Follow William Powell Instagram", and completing this step, gains you a further entry.

With up to 10 chances of entering - may the odds be in your favour!

We want everyone to hear about this incredible opportunity so share the giveaway on social media and spread the excitement!

Ready, Set, Win!